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Thursday, November 25, 2010

NEW Lower Price You'll FLIP for Flip MinoHD

This is the Deal of the Entire Holiday Season!
Avon has Lowered it's Original Price of $149 with a purchase
Down to $139 with No Additional Purchase Required
Avon's made this an even better Smart Value Purchase!

YES that's Right Avon has Lowered the Price AGAIN!
Dropped from $139 down to Only $89!!!

Anyone who has Already ordered their Flip MinoHD & has not yet received it
will only be charged the new Lower Smart Value Price of $89

Anyone who has already Paid & Received their Flip MinoHD
Is being REFUNDED the Difference by the method with which they paid!
Direct Delivery Orders have already been credited back to their accounts the difference
Avon Reps across the nation who Personally Delivered are trying to get the money back into their customer's hands

When was the last time that you heard of such a thing being done by any company?
To be honest I've only seen it happen in a movie; when a crooked car salesman found God
The name of that movie was called FlyWheel

That's why I Love working with Avon Products
Smart Value Prices, Great Products & Very Proactive in Helping Communities

24/7 Web Store Shopping
Free Direct Delivery
PayPal Now Accepted by Avon at Web Store
Coupon Code: RFSC24        Direct Delivery Only
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Theresa Tillett - 860-219-9536 -

*FREE STANDARD SHIPPING available for any domestic shipping address. Hawaii and Alaska will be charged $15 surcharge for any hazardous materials such as nail enamel, fragrance, aerosols and some skin cleansers. Offer does not apply to Next-Day or Express Shipping methods. Offer valid only for orders submitted through the website with direct delivery shipping. Please note, Avon does not ship Internationally or to the Islands.

Avon, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10020

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