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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011 Looking Forward

It's August 1st 2011 & well the times are crazy & making no  sense at all

Our government is up on Capital Hill fighting like children at a playground not having the interests of the American people in their considerations from what I can see on the news

American people are out of work in record numbers & many who have actual jobs are "under-employed" & "over-taxed" then not counted in the unemployment numbers are the many people who have run out of their unemployment benefits or those who lost jobs but didn't qualify for unemployment benefits in the 1st place or those who have just given up because there is no work in their area...

What are your thoughts on the craziness that you see around you & what you see on the news?

How are you personally affected by what the government is doing? 

Or do you not personally see an affect on your life or the life of your family & friends?