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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AvonCTStyle on FaceBook

If you are on facebook be certain to Friend me there - I love to chit chat on the posts about all sorts of things from Family Life to Games as well as Avon postings - if you play FarmTown, SimSocial, GnomeTown or Fashion World go ahead & friend me so we can be neighbors LOL I play other games as well but those I seem to be playing the most LOL

I also have a FaceBook FanPage

On the FanPage it's pretty much Avon Only for Postings of videos & sneak previews & product announcements but it's also a place for you to ask questions that you think others might have as well as a place for you to share your pictures of what you are doing with your Avon Fashions or Avon Home Decor. The FanPage is also where I'll announce 1st for any upcoming Contests that I'm personally running or any Sweepstakes that Avon Corporate is running.

So Join the Fan Page today & share it with your friends & family