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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Re: Melaleuca Specials - August 2010 - Close the Account

Hi Melaleuca;

This is a follow up email to the faxes just sent over & the 2 calls to customer service

Close this Account Immediately &
Refrain from Auto-Shipping &/or Auto-Payments
Below are the reasons why we're choosing to End Our very short Association with Melaleuca

1) We do not find the products to be neither economical nor better than those at the store
The comparisons done are for National Brands Prices & since the Store Brands are both Less Expensive Plus Bigger Bottles There is No Savings
What good is 6 small 16 oz bottles made from 1 bottle of Concentrate vs 7 or 8 32oz bottles Ready to Use Store Brand Cleaner
The melaleuca products did the same thing so why use a product which costs more & we have to wait 2 weeks to get?
The shipping costs amounted to more than it would cost to drive to the store to purchase the items we needed

2) We find the points system to be Unreasonable
It takes almost $75 -$85 before we're even at the 35 point mark
Most Clearance Items do not have a point at all & Neither do the bottles or pumps which are Additional Cost
If you order less than the 35 points then we're forced to take Auto-Shipment for stuff we don't want or need
The points should be equal to the amount the products costs 1pt = $1 on Every Customer Product Purchased

3) We find the Have To Order Even If You Don't Need or Want Anything Tyrannical
No Avon Rep forces a customer to order products they don't need or want or might not be able to afford at that point in time
The products which we like are quite limited to the cleaning & vitamins but they're over priced
The food products we tried were terrible tasting & again over priced so we're not interested in them
The skin care / beauty products are Over Priced & Much Lower Quality than Avon Products so I'm not going to switch
With the 2 orders we put in we don't Need Any More Cleaning Products for now but you give us only the 2 options of dropping out & closing the account or being forced to take an Auto-Shipment when all we need or want to order is the Toothpaste this coming month? So we take the Close the Account Option

4) We find the shipping costs to be Outrageous after spending such high amounts to order the products
I'm offended that after spending so much money to buy products you charge so much for shipping which take so long to ship
Avon Products gives ANYONE spending $30 Free Direct Shipping to their home
Avon Products offers Free Shipping Code Promotions to Registered Customers for as low as $5 spent
Avon Products Ships Out the Very Same Day as the order comes in for Direct Delivery to a person's home

5) We find the lack of prompt attention & correction of a problem items to be Disturbing
I was unable to use the "concentrated" laundry items for over a month due to waiting for delivery of the pump caps
The pump caps were not available at the time of the 1st order but came in a few days later after the 1st order was delivered yet those pumps waited until the next month's delivery? Why was I forced to wait a month for the pumps?
Avon Products Ships Immediately Back Order Items when they come in or Items needing to be Replaced so the customer has what they need to use the products properly in a timely manner

We're quite disappointed & disgusted in the policies of Melaleuca - the one cleaning item that we did actually liked the smell of & would've considered re-ordering because of the policies & shipping costs that you insist upon we will just forget about because it's just not worth it
In the future if & when you change your policies send us a catalog & maybe we'll reconsider but to buy a single bottle of Sol-U-Mel or the Toothpaste or Mouthwash isn't worth the outrageous set up that you have

It's only Eco-Friendly if it's Economical to Use & Easily Accessible to the Public & your products just fall quite short of both these goals of "Eco-Sense"

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