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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IS an SD memory card and an SDHC memory card both compatible with the Sharper Image digital camera

I'm an honest Avon Lady so I'll tell you I'm not 100% certain of which cards can go in the camera - I took mine with the directions to the Target Store & asked the girl to tell me which card I needed for the camera since I didn't know & she found me a card which had the most space for only $20 - since she didn't work on commission she didn't try to sell me the highest priced card but showed me All the cards that would work in the camera so I ciould do pics or small videos so the local Target (WalMart also) store will be able to help you but Radio Shack & some of the other Elcetronic Stores work on commission so those places may not give you the best price because their salary depends in part on how much they sell to you
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